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More 2015 Details Coming Soon!

From the Festival Chair

Every year, we wonder whether the caliber of new films will meet the line-up of past festivals. But, once again, we are amazed at the new stories and topics explored in films from around the world. While it’s true that we have to sift through many that don’t make the cut, we always end up with a long list of incredible films for you to enjoy.

What do we look for? Films that entertain, teach and make us feel, films that make us cry, laugh and even sing out loud.

We also try to bring films that, in various ways, highlight our Jewish community. Which is why we show a powerful drama on Yom HaShoah, an interesting documentary following the Yom HaZikaron ceremony, and even a brand NEW film in Yiddish. And if that doesn’t whet your movie appetite, how about one spotlighting classic Jewish soul food?

Enjoy, and see you at the festival!

Eric Lumberg
Film Festival Chair

From the Festival Director

A hamsa is a traditional Middle Eastern talisman. While its exact origins remain a mystery, it’s a commonly used symbol in the Jewish/Israeli world. Its properties are said to be able to ward off the evil eye and even bring happiness and good luck. You see it everywhere these days: key chains, artwork and jewelry. The hamsa’s five fingers also can remind us to use our five senses.

So why shouldn’t we borrow it for film? See the film, smell the fresh popcorn, taste the concessions, listen to the soundtracks and feel the comfort of The Berman. Come see these hugely varied films. They all link somehow to Judaism or Israel, to our customs and traditions and our peoplehood. Yet each has its own take, its own perspective and path. Perhaps these films will bring you more happiness - and who doesn’t want more good luck?!

Rachel Ruskin
Film Festival Director