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Thank you for making our 2015 Film Festival a great
success. Check back next spring for our 2016 lineup

From the Festival Chair

Movies have always been an escape, whether from the financial woes of the Depression, the heat of the dog days of summer, the harsh realities of war or just everyday living. We have gone to the movies to learn, to be swept away to a faraway land or just laugh out loud. With everything happening in the world and in our own community, we are thrilled that we can, once again, bring a collection of amazing films to you. Some will make you think and directly reflect on current events; some will just make you smile and forget reality. Perhaps escaping to one or more of our films will even help our community become united as, together, we attend this cultural jewel. From there, we can build and expand to infinite possibilities. See you at the movies!

Eric Lumberg
Film Festival Chair

From the Festival Director

We are so fortunate that our community is able to boast one of the largest Jewish film festivals in the Midwest. You will be able to enjoy films that you have heard about from friends but perhaps didn’t have a chance to see yet. You will be able to attend Michigan premieres. You will, we hope, give a new film that you have not yet heard of a try. You will be able to hear from leaders in our community, filmmakers and visionaries. You may be challenged to think differently, emotions may stir and new thoughts will prevail. Yes, all this just from sitting with us and watching movies at The Berman. Don’t miss out! Let’s come together again this spring and watch these films and discuss their impact. We showcase films that deal with our past, present and future. There are films that are incredibly timely, and some that are nostalgic. Go ahead! Buy a patron pass and escape to the world of the movies for a week or two!

Rachel Ruskin
Film Festival Director