Finding Community


JGN is a network of community members and has an unstaffed office. This Web site and the e-mail list are the primary ways JGN shares information.

JGN also shares information on a Facebook page that is updated regularly.

And you can follow us on Twitter. JGN Tweets as @JGNMI


JGN helps organizations find the right GLBT-related speaker, and provides educational resources to organizations on matters like Judaism, coming-out, inclusion, bullying, diversity education and H.I.V. From time to time, JGN hosts distinguished scholars and community leaders.


JGN sponsors Jewish and GLBT projects initiated by individuals or


JGN is a valuable resource to organizations seeking guidance regarding the integration and support of their own GLBT members.


JGN provides appropriate referrals to individuals struggling with their sexuality or relationship issues, as well as to those seeking adoption or fertility resources.

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Eitz chayim he lamachazikim ba It's a Tree of Life for those who grasp it, and those who uphold it are happy!
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