Sunday, November 17

Day Underwritten by Andi & Larry Wolfe
11 a.m.
Brunch & Learn,with author, Rabbi Sidney Schwarz
Jewish Megatrends: Charting the Course of the American Jewish Future

Fear of assimilation and anti-Semitism are no longer concerns for GenXers and Millenials. Traditional organizations don't resonate with younger generations of Jews who are more interested in Jewish ethics and human rights than donating to the traditional Jewish community's annual campaign. Enjoy a brunch buffet and explore with Rabbi Sid Schwartz some of the visionary solutions to a new approach to Jewish life in the 21st century.

Sid Schwartz, a Reconstructionist rabbi, presents what he calls “my prescription for a Jewish renaissance in America,” and includes commentary from Jewish leaders from throughout the country.

$18 for brunch and author program.
Reservations required by November 8 to 248.432.5462

1 p.m.
Frankel Scholars Forum
featuring moderator, Professor Deborah Dash Moore along with authors from the University of Michigan’s Frankel Center for Judaic Studies

Join Deborah Dash Moore, director of the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan, for our Frankel Scholars Forum.

Featured are current Frankel Center professors who have also recently published books, both fiction and non-fiction, on a wide range of Jewish topics. We invite you to this unique opportunity to hear these scholars share their writings and create a dynamic Judaic conversation.

Presenting authors include:
Deborah Dash Moore, City of Promises
Zvi Gitelman, Jewish Identities in Post Communist Russia and Ukraine
Eileen Pollack, Breaking and Entering
Ryan Szpiech, Conversion and Narrative: Reading and Religious Authority in Medieval Polemic
Jeffrey Veidlinger, In the Shadow of the Shtetl: Small Town Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine, 1919-1953

3 p.m.
Rabbi Evan Moffic
Wisdom for People of All Faiths

Rabbi Evan Moffic addresses the fundamental questions each of us faces: How can we live with fewer regrets? How can we find greater satisfaction and success as parents, siblings, children and friends? How can we find meaning and insight amidst endless distraction and information overload? To answer these questions, Rabbi Moffic turns to the Torah, offering timeless advice that is accessible, inviting and life-changing.

Rabbi Evan Moffic is one of the country's most charismatic and thoughtful young leaders. He lectures and teaches at both Jewish and interfaith institutions around the world and writes for, the largest multi-faith website in the world, where his blog is among its most popular and widely shared.

Oak Park Reunion Day!

Remember when Oak Park was the center of it all?
Take a trip down memory lane! Best of all, you don’t need a passport to enjoy our Oak Park reunion! Whether you once lived in Oak Park or call it your home today, join us for an unforgettable afternoon among friends, family, neighbors and familiar faces.

Let’s celebrate all things Oak Park including two authors who embody the spirit of our community.

Come enjoy a coney and popcorn!
Free and open to the public.

Irwin Cohen
Jewish History in the Time of Baseball’s Jews: Life on Both Sides of the Ocean

They were baseball stars with unforgettable stories.
One was a spy for America.
One had plans for Hitler’s top atomic scientist.
One was set to make his major league start – but instead went home to sit shiva.

Jewish History in the Time of Baseball’s Jews: Life on Both Sides of the Ocean, by Oak Park’s own Irwin Cohen, is filled with true accounts from the lives of some of baseball’s Jewish stars. A longtime devotee of the game, Cohen interviewed some of the biggest baseball heroes ever, including Hank Greenberg, who also is featured in the book.

This is a must for every sports fan, of course, but also great reading for anyone interested in Jewish life, history and fun facts. With 130 photos.

2 p.m.
Gerald Naftaly
Oak Park (Images of America)

When it was founded in 1945, Oak Park was connected to Detroit by one paved road. Just 11 years later, it was the nation’s fastest growing city.

In the decades to follow, Oak Park would be featured in leading national newspapers for everything from its ethnic diversity to its ubiquitous radio towers.

Filled with memorable photos and written by longtime Mayor Jerry Naftaly, Oak Park tells the full and fascinating story of “The Family City,” which also continues to be home to one of the area’s largest Jewish populations and whose famous one-time residents include Robert Ettinger, the founder of cryonics; Detroit Tigers legends Al Kaline and Norm Cash; rapper Ryan “Royce da 5'9"”; music greats David Weiss (David Was) and Don Fagenson (Don Was); and economist Jeffrey Sachs.

2 p.m.
Presented in partnership with Temple Israel Children’s Tea, with author
Amy Meltzer
Shabbat Princess

Bring your bubbie, mom, aunt and friends to our children’s tea party with author Amy Meltzer!

Dress up like a princess (or prince) and enjoy a fancy tea, complete with treats and fun for all!

In the Talmud, a metaphoric Shabbat queen always welcomes the start of the day of rest. Rosie wonders if there can also be a Shabbat princess.

Her parents have never heard of one, but they invite Rosie to be their Shabbat princess for the evening. So Rosie dresses up, and her parents make the occasion festive with crystal candlesticks and the just-polished silver goblet.

Meltzer’s tale presents a lovely way to honor the Sabbath with all the glitz and glamour it deserves.

Co-sponsored by Henry & Delia Meyers Library and Media Center, P. J. Library, Temple Israel Libraries and Media Center

For ages 3–9.
Tickets are required and cost $10 for tea and author program.
Reservations required by November 7 to 248.432.5462.

3 p.m.
Joel Derfner
Lawfully Wedded Husband: How My Gay Marriage Will Save the American Family

When Joel Derfner’s boyfriend proposed, there was nowhere in America the two could legally marry. That changed quickly, however, and before long the two were on what they expected to be a rollicking journey to married bliss. What they didn’t realize was that they would confront not just the dilemmas every couple faces on the way to the altar (What kind of ceremony would they have? What would they wear?

Did they have to invite Great Aunt Sophie?) but also questions about what a relationship can and can’t do, the definition of marriage, and, ultimately, what makes a family.

Add to the mix a reality show whose director forces them to keep signing and notarizing applications for a wedding license until the cameraman gets a shot she likes; a family marriage history that includes adulterers, arms smugglers and poisoners; and discussions of civil rights, Sophocles, racism, grammar and homemade Ouija boards. The result is a story not just of gay marriage and the American family but of what it means to be human.

Joel Derfner is or has been an aerobics instructor, knitter, go-go boy, math teacher, cheerleader and author. Musicals for which he has composed the score have played in London, New York and several cities in between (going the long route). He is from Charleston, S.C., and now lives in New York City.

Co-sponsored by Jewish Gay Network of Michigan, ACLU

6 p.m.
Jonathan M. Katz
The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came To Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster

On January 12, 2010, the deadliest earthquake in the history of the Western Hemisphere struck the nation least prepared to handle one.

Jonathan Katz, the only full-time American news correspondent in Haiti, was inside his house when it buckled – along with hundreds of thousands of others. His first-hand account takes readers into the terror of that day – and the difficulties that followed. More than half of American adults gave money for Haiti, part of a global response that reached $16.3 billion in pledges. Yet only three years later, the most important needs – safer cities, dealing with severe poverty and establishing sanitary conditions – remain unfulfilled. How did so much generosity amount to so little?

Reporting at the side of Bill Clinton, Wyclef Jean, Sean Penn, Haiti’s leaders and people, Katz also creates a complex, darkly funny and unexpected portrait of one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

“A top-notch account of Haiti’s recent history, including the January 2010 earthquake…An eye-opening, trailblazing exposé.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred)

Co-sponsored by the Kindness Project, a joint initiative of the Jewish Community Center and Partners in Torah, Temple Kol Ami Sisterhood

7:30 p.m.

Closing Night at Book Fair presents... An intimate conversation with celebrated entertainer and author,
Michael Feinstein The Gershwins and Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs

Join us for an unforgettable evening of conversation, with a few songs sprinkled into the program, as Michael Feinstein shares his personal stories of Ira Gershwin and their time together, first as an employer and later as a dear friend. The “Ambassador of the Great American Songbook,” Michael Feinstein was just 20 when he got the chance of a lifetime: a job with his hero, Ira Gershwin. During their six-year partnership, the two became close friends. Feinstein blossomed under Gershwin’s mentorship and Gershwin was reinvigorated by the younger man’s zeal for his and his brother George’s legacy. Now, in The Gershwins and Me, the only book of its kind, Michael Feinstein shares stories and discusses the music that defined American popular song, along with rare Gershwin memorabilia he’s collected through the years.

From “Strike Up the Band” to “Love Is Here to Stay,” each of the 12 chapters highlights one of the Gershwins’ classic songs, exploring the brothers’ lives, illuminating what the music meant to them, and telling the stories of how their iconic tunes came to life. In this star-studded narrative, Feinstein unfolds the moving chronicle of his own life with the Gershwins, describing his vision for their enduring presence today. No other writer could give such an authoritative inside perspective on these titans of American culture – and no other writer could include such a soulful collection of music as the accompanying CD packed with Feinstein’s original recordings. Michael Feinstein is an entertainer and educator known as one of the leading experts on classic American popular music. A five-time Grammy nominee, he performs, records, and lectures extensively and has been awarded three honorary doctorate degrees.

“Frisky, affectionate, lushly illustrated, deeply informed and profoundly respectful." – Kirkus Reviews

Presented in partnership with the JCC Stephen Gottlieb Music Series
JCC members $52/non-members $57