Electronic Recycling


Come clean and be green! The JCC has an electronic recycling program and is pleased to offer this service to the community year-round. If you have old electronic devices that you no longer use, bring them to us. You’ll be doing your part for the environment and helping the JCC at the same time! Located in our main lobby, walk through the first set of glass doors and the bins are to your immediate right. No appointment is necessary and drop-off is year round. If items are too heavy and you need assistance, please ask at the main lobby reception desk.

Electronics are recycled by eCycle Opportunities, a Jewish Vocation Services (JVS) company. Hard drives are placed into shredders to destory any personal information.


  1. Televisions (LCD/CRT/Projection)
  2. Printers/Copiers/Fax/Bizhub
  3. Printer Toner/Ink
  4. Air conditioners
  5. Alkaline batteries (household batteries) in bulk
  6. Fire extinguishers
  7. Items that once contained food
  8. Hygiene products
  9. Large speakers (over 12”)
  10. Light bulbs
  11. Devices containing freon
  12. PBC ballasts
  13. Refrigerators/freezers
  14. Smoke detectors
  15. Some medical devices (i.e. blood sugar monitors)
  16. Vacuum cleaners
  17. Wood speakers
  18. Other electronics containing hazardous materials
  19. Non‐alkaline batteries

For additional information, please contact Randy Gavorin: 248.432.5452 or [email protected].

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