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The Active Life Program seeks to enrich the lives of adults in the Jewish community and the community-at-large through educational, cultural, social and recreational offerings. Activities include movies, arts & crafts, jazz, Jewish lectures, Yiddish conversation and much more!


July/August 2018

Upcoming Programs  


November 20, 1 p.m. – Nora Cascardo, owner Premier Therapy Centers will do a program on Fall Prevention. There is no charge. For information or to RSVP call 248.432.5467 or email [email protected].


December 3, 2p.m. - Chanukah Party
Celebrate with Latkes and a Freilich Sing- a-long with Ben Opengeym and Marilyn Wolfe. The cost is $5.
To RSVP call 248.432.5467 by November 28

December 10, 2 p.m. - The Efforts to Treat Hearing and Balance Disorders
presented by The University of Michigan Kresge Hearing Research Institute.
There will be 3 speakers, Gabriel Corfas, Ph.D, Susan E. Shore, Ph.D and Kara Leyzac, Au.D, Ph.D. They will discuss cochlear implants, tinnitus and hearing and balance loss in general – and on hearing restoration through drugs.
There is no charge for this program. For information or to RSVP call 248.432.5467 or email [email protected]

Wednesday December 12, 11 a.m. - Art Talks with Art Historian Wendy Evans
Saints & Sinners – Tales of villains & heroes as pictured by artists. The cost is $5.
To RSVP call 248.432.5467

Wednesday December 18, 1:30 p.m. - Jewish/Chinese Connections
presented by Rabbi Brent Gutmann
To RSVP call 248.432.5467

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