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A partnership with the JCC of Metro Detroit provides an opportunity to reach our dynamic community of both young families and active adults, gaining exposure to thousands of individuals who regularly participate in the JCC's programs, activities and events, as well as to the broader community.

The JCC depends on the support of our members, neighbors, staff and partners to deliver on the promise of our mission and vision and to help serve the needs of our community. Throughout the year, we are blessed by the generosity and partnership of corporate sponsors and friends, and thank all of those who have invested in the continued success of our programs and events. Without these sponsors, our ability to offer robust programming, provide scholarships and financial assistance to those in need, and engage in community-building initiatives would be greatly diminished.

If you represent a company or organization interested in becoming a JCC corporate partner, please contact Dina Routin: 248.432.5418 or [email protected].

If you are interested in learning about advertising with the JCC of Metro Detroit, please click below:

Advertising Opportunities 

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