Janice Charach Gallery

The Janice Charach Gallery hosts exhibitions featuring Jewish and non-Jewish, established and emerging artists. Exhibitions include glass, ceramics, multi-media, painting, fiber arts and photography. The gallery also presents educational programs and is home to a shop with works by local artists. The Gallery is endowed by Natalie & Manny Charach, in their daughter’s memory.

Current Exhibition

Doors of Perception
Sunday, October 29 - Thursday, December 7, 2017

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 29 | 1-4 p.m.

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This exciting show highlights the work of 13 Metro Detroit artists who are masters of Contemporary Realism. Using diverse mediums and exploring a variety of subject matter, each artist executes their artwork in a realistic style, whether depicting still life, portraiture, cityscape or surrealism.

Featured Artists
Sandra Cardew | Topher Crowder | Sergio De Giusti | Amy Fell | Melissa Jones | Catherine Peet | Michael Reedy | Julie Renfro | Joanne Rochon | Jaye Schlesinger | Mike Sivak | Krysti Spence | Paula Zammit

Side Gallery: "Jam Session," by Ruth Tyszka
Mosaic artist and musician Ruth Tyszka collaborates with 8 ceramic artists to create artwork that reflects on the musical approach of “call and response,” a method commonly used by Jazz musicians. Each participating ceramic artist provided a vessel to function as the “call,” to which Ruth added mosaic elements as a “response.” The result is a body of unique mixed-media vessels, each showing a beautiful balance between two artist’s styles. Participating ceramic artists include Marilyn Appleman, Larry Elliott, David Hochberg, Kelly Kaatz, Don Massara, Tracy Nystrom, Tracey Priska, and Brenda Supuwood.
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Upcoming Events & Exhibitions


The Janice Charach Gallery provides a forum for the creation, exhibition and interpretation of visually oriented media. We promote works of fine art created by Jewish and non-Jewish artists providing unique opportunities for emerging and acknowledged artists.

Janice Charach

The Janice Charach Gallery at the JCC in West Bloomfield was established and named in the memory of the daughter of Natalie and Manny Charach. A talented and recognized artist, Janice passed away from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in June of 1989. She was 38 years old.

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