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UpComing Exhibition 

Outside In: Artists of the Detroit Landscape // Sun October 28 – Thursday Dec 6

Opening Reception: October 28, 1pm - 4pm

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"Sanctuary City – Packard Plant,” painting by Nicole Macdonald

This collection of artists represents the diverse nature of the artistic movement in Detroit. Each artist creates work in their respective medium and style, using the ever-changing city as their canvas. Messages conveyed through their public art often draw attention to something more beautiful than the empty spaces they cover. Outside In gives an intimate look into works by these powerful artists known for their larger than life murals, sculptures and installations throughout Detroit.

Featured Artists:

  • DECO23
  • Fel3000ft
  • Freddy Diaz
  • Hygienic Dress League
  • Sydney James
  • Brian Lacey
  • Nicole Macdonald
  • Malt
  • Monster Steve
  • Ouizi
  • Tead
  • Vito Valdez

In the Side Gallery: “Familiar Places” by Kat Francis


 "B-Boys Making with the Freak Freak" 3D Mixed Media by Kat Francis

"Familiar Places" is a body of work that illustrates places and surroundings not only familiar to me, but are also reminiscent to most. The convenience store that you either shop at or avoid. The Bowling alley thick with the smell of cigarette smoke, and the feeling of wearing stiff rented shoes. These unique surroundings all have a certain "look" to them, smell to them and emotion. These compartmental illustrations use familiar imagery, and symbols to celebrate the nostalgia in a particular place.


About the Gallery

The Janice Charach Gallery hosts exhibitions featuring Jewish and non-Jewish, established and emerging artists. Exhibitions include glass, ceramics, multi-media, painting, fiber arts and photography. The gallery also presents educational programs and is home to a shop with works by local artists. The Gallery is endowed by Natalie & Manny Charach, in their daughter’s memory.


The Janice Charach Gallery provides a forum for the creation, exhibition and interpretation of visually oriented media. We promote works of fine art created by Jewish and non-Jewish artists providing unique opportunities for emerging and acknowledged artists.

Janice Charach

The Janice Charach Gallery at the JCC in West Bloomfield was established and named in the memory of the daughter of Natalie and Manny Charach. A talented and recognized artist, Janice passed away from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in June of 1989. She was 38 years old.

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