Only Yesterday

Posted by: Elizabeth Applebaum on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Welcome to 1947!

In the world: The U.N. Special Committee on Palestine recommends the partition of the area into a Jewish state and an Arab state. India and Pakistan become independent. Ferrari begins producing sports cars. The first of the Dead Sea Scrolls is discovered. Princess Elizabeth marries the Duke of Edinburgh. The Diary of Anne Frank is published. The Polaroid Land camera makes its debut. The sound barrier is broken.

In the United States: The U.S. establishes a Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The Brooklyn Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball. The Everglades National Park is dedicated. A gallon of gas costs 15 cents and a loaf of bread is 13 cents. The average worker earns $2,850 annually.

At the Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit: Located on Woodward Avenue: The JCC has 40 rooms, a gym, a dining area, a pool, a library and a large auditorium where these women (above) are pictured. The women at right are protesting the Labor Management Relations Act, which would restrict the power of labor unions. (Though vetoed by President Harry Truman, who labeled it a “dangerous intrusion on free speech,” the bill was voted into law in June 1947.) The women at left are calling on the U.S. government to allow more Holocaust survivors, waiting in displaced persons camps in Europe, to be allowed entry to the United States. 

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