Passover Top Ten

Posted by: Elizabeth Applebaum on Thursday, April 13, 2017

Looking for ideas to perk up your Passover? Here are 10 (like the plagues – only good!) easy projects and recipes to make your holiday even more fun!  

1) Go Green!

Make your own origami plagues. Youtube has complex versions for experts, or check out this that can teach anyone how to make a grasshopper.

After you’ve got enough for your Seder table, make some of these little guys into greeting cards by writing a holiday message on the side and delivering them to friends and family.   

2) Go British!

Looking for something new for Passover breakfast?

How about pop tarts and porridge!

Helen Goldrein manages the United Kingdom’s most popular kosher food blog, where you can find lots of fun holiday recipes.

3) Go Everybody!

Passover is the most widely observed holiday on the Jewish calendar. Everyone has a great memory or family tradition associated with the Seders, and they’re fun to hear year after year. Ask your grandparents, parents, neighbors, friends, kids – everyone you know – to write down their favorites and compile them into a book.

4) Go Four It!

Find photos of entertainers, politicians, sports figures – all your favorites (and un-favorites, too). Make a copy of each for every person coming to the Seder, then ask everyone to choose from the collection to create modern-day Four Sons. 

5) Go Hot!

Author Meghan Telpner is doing her best to come up with 109 things to do with an item found on the Seder plate: horseradish. Check out her ideas and post your suggestions.

6) Go Funky!

It happens to everyone. You’re sitting at the Seder table when suddenly an acapella group appears and, in a nod to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dani California” video, suddenly shifts from style to style while performing the same song.

Don’t miss this great video from the Maccabeats, where you’ll hear, among many others, their Swedish yodeling and barbershop quartet versions of “Dayenu.”

7) Go Hamingjusamur Passover!

Go what? Hamingjusamur Passover is Icelandic for “Happy Passover.” Find out how to wish a happy holiday to friends around the world (“Happy Passover” in Korean! Hausa! Welsh! and dozens more!) right here.

(These are also fun to print out and bring to the Seder table. Try reading them out loud and see if family can guess the correct language.)

8) Go Chopped!

Okay, Passover can get a little repetitive food wise. But ask everyone in your family to put on his/her chef hat and you might be surprised by the delicacies you discover.

Play your own version of “Chopped” by providing participants with matzah (naturally) and three additional interesting, required food items and see what they come up with!

9) Go Egyptian!

The Passover story begins, of course, in Egypt.

But how much do you know about Egypt today?

(Did you know that soccer is the most popular sport in the country? Or that it’s home to crocodiles, cobras, cheetahs and hyenas?)

Challenge your Seder guests to present one surprising fact about the land of Pharaoh.

10) Go Homemade!

There are hundreds of Haggadot you can buy – but why not make your own? It’s easier (and more affordable) than you probably imagine. Learn more here.

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