Senior Director, Jewish Education Innovations


In June 2017 the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit transferred its Jewish education department to the Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit (JCC) in an effort to better serve the community and 21st century learners. The Jewish education department included:

  • FedEd Adult Jewish Education programs – pluralistic cross denominational adult Jewish education classes for over 1,000 students, including the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning
  • Opening the Doors– special needs Jewish education support for over 1,000 children in Jewish early childhood programs, congregational schools and day schools
  • JFamily – family Jewish education programs and services which include Shalom Street Family Parenting Center, PJ Library, community events, Franklin Community Project
  • Jewish Teen Engagement – works with community Jewish youth groups and experiential Jewish education
  • School Services – professional development for educators and educational consultation for part time formal and informal Jewish educational programs.

This bold move in effect empowered the JCC to serve as the community’s central agency and hub for Jewish education and engagement. The JCC provides direct Jewish education programs and services to the community as well as working with all other formal and informal Jewish education and engagement programs to help them build capacity and reach their vision for excellence in Jewish education. The JCC views itself as a scaffold for building cross denominational and community educational collaborations, and a laboratory and catalyst for new Jewish educational innovations.


Job Description

The Senior Director, Jewish Education Innovations serves as Detroit’s lead professional and thought leader in the area of part-time Jewish education. The Senior Director works with the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Federation, congregations, early childhood programs, camps, youth groups and other Jewish education oriented programs and organizations such as Repair the World, The Well, Hazon, in order to strengthen legacy programs, develop cross organizational collaborations and encourage new entrepreneurial educational innovations to better meet the needs of 21stcentury leaners. The Senior Director directs the department of School Servicesand reports to the JCC Chief Operating Officer.


Major Responsibilities

  1. Consulting with Jewish Federation’s allocation and policy process concerning congregational education. This includes:
    1. Providing information and expert opinions on part-time education to lay leaders and Federation staff
    2. Supervising the distribution of annual communal scholarship stipends to congregational schools
    3. Collecting data and analysis for Annual Jewish School Census
    4. Informing the Hermelin Davidson Center for Congregation Excellence of latest trends, successful models and innovations in congregational education


  1. Working with the Metropolitan Board of Jewish Educators (MDBJE) to:
    1. Design and implement professional development opportunities for congregational educators (Nirim teacher workshops, SEED annual congregational teacher conference, and annual educational directors’ retreat)
    2. Strengthen existing educational programs
    3. Explore new innovative educational models that are happening around the country
    4. Develop new collaborative programs to meet the changing needs of today’s learners
    5. Mentor new educational directors
    6. Provide guidance to congregations in areas of congregational Jewish education


  1. Working with the Jewish Early Childhood Directors Council to develop and implement professional development opportunities for early childhood educators.


  1. Representing Detroit on the national Shinui. Shinui is a national collaboration of like-minded central agencies for Jewish education who are working towards changing the goals and implementation of part time Jewish education in order to make Jewish education more meaningful to children, families and adults.


  1. Staffing the annual Grinspoon/Klein Award for Excellence in Teaching.


  1. As a JCC Senior Director, providing the JCC with expertise and leadership in the area of Jewish learning. Specific internal JCC responsibilities include:
    1. Serving on the JCC senior leadership team
    2. Leading a team of JCC Jewish educators who are responsible for providing staff Jewish learning, JCC Jewish ambiance, and Jewish messaging to members and the community
    3. Helping to define what it means for a JCC to serve as Detroit’s central address for Jewish education and engagement


The Ideal Candidate

  1. Possess an entrepreneurial spirit and isn’t afraid to take risks
  2. Loves Jewish learning and teaching
  3. Dynamic and creative educator
  4. Possess a comfort level with change and traveling the path less taken
  5. Enjoys thinking about and discussing the future of Jewish community
  6. A community builder who is skilled at coordinating complex collaborations
  7. A team player who is able to serve as either a team leader or follower depending on the goals and setting of the project
  8. Demonstrated personal commitment and passion to Jewish learning, Jewish education, Israel education and Jewish community building
  9. A minimum of five years’ leadership and supervisory experience in part-time Jewish education settings
  10. Experience in both formal (school) and informal (youth group, camp, Israel trips) educational settings
  11. Expertise in professional development and pedagogy
  12. Expertise in experiential Jewish education
  13. Comfortable working in all streams of Judaism
  14. Experience working with boards and lay leaders
  15. Demonstrated ability to develop and manage budgets
  16. Track record of success in developing and implementing program grant proposals
  17. Master degree preferred in education, Jewish education, experiential Jewish education or Jewish studies
  18. Savvy skills with Microsoft Office programs and online social media


To apply please send resume and cover letter to: [email protected]


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