Summer Camp Aquatics Director

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Position: Aquatics Director
Job Type: Seasonal
Department: Day Camp
Supervised by: JCC Day Camps Assistant Director 


Responsible for all aspects of the JCC Day Camps pool activities to include supervising lifeguards, campers and instructional/recreational swimming



  • Head lifeguards will assist in enforcing the time and attendance policy. All lifeguards must punch in 10 minutes before their shift begin and will rotate on time as well. 
  • Head lifeguards will ensure that ALL lifeguards are in proper lifeguard uniform, shirt, shorts and whistle. Summer season, cap, sun glasses, sunscreen and drink plenty of water saying hydrated. 
  • Head lifeguards will assist with maintaining and the posted work schedule notifying the managers of any conflicts. 
  • Head lifeguards will assist/assign lifeguards with opening the deck umbrellas beginning at 9am, cushions placed on the deck chairs. 
  • Check the pools and pool decks for cleaning as needed. Advise the managers if vacuuming the pool is required. Check all gutters, skimmers around the main pool, assist with the water test, CL/PH levels in the 3 pools and record results. 
  • Head lifeguards will maintain an open line of communication with ALL staff and address any concerns with the managers. They will also address any concerns of the membership and resolve if possible. 
  • Head lifeguards will enforce opening and closing procedures, making sure staff have ALL doors unlocked/locked and keys are properly returned to the key box in the time clock area. 
  • Lifeguards primary responsibility is to maintain a safe environment at ALL times. Removing ALL hazardous, clutter, returning all pool equipment and enforcing ALL pool rules. 
  • Check ALL lifeguard equipment, first aid kits, fanny packs making sure they are properly supplied. 
  • Making rounds on the 3 assigned shifts (morning, afternoon, evening hours) checking for cleanliness especially the Rosen pool bath/shower rooms, checking all lockers for clutter, towels, conducting facility safety inspections. 
  • Head lifeguards will cover positions as needed and this applies to the managers to avoid closure of any pool.
  • Head lifeguards may and can correct any issues with the lifeguard staff, professionally, courteously and if available in the pool office. All Head Lifeguards is expected to communicate with each other, work well together as a team. Set the example. 
  • Chain of Command: Head Lifeguards, Pool Managers (Larry, Hollie), Michelle Jalaba. Everyone is expected to follow this order of supervisors. 
  • Again, everyone’s primary responsibility is Safety at all times. Communicate with everyone, respect one another, and work as a team TOGETHER. 
  • Staff is expected to comply with other related duties. 



  • Thorough knowledge and application of lifeguard surveillance and rescue techniques. 
  • The ability to instruct, assign, supervise and evaluate lifeguards in the performance of their duties. 
  • An understanding of facility characteristics, rules, policies and procedures. 
  • Leadership and public relations skills. 
  • Decision making skills 
  • The ability to identify hazards and unsafe practices and to make suitable recommendations for minimizing or eliminating those hazards.


To apply please send resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

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