The Passover Seder: Finding Meaning Today from Yesterday's Haggadah

Date: March 15, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location:  Show map
Jewish Federation Building
6735 Telegraph Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
Contact: Shelley Chaness
Phone: 248.205.2557

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Dr./Rabbi Mitch Parker

Over the course of two millennia, thousands of editions of the Haggadah have been printed and new interpretations are published every year. How do we continue to find relevance in this ancient text? How might the prayers, stories and songs be used to create a meaningful and memorable Seder? Join us as we trace the creation and evolution of the Haggadah from early Rabbinic times to the twenty-first century and discover how to make your Seder relevant today.  This workshop will include a series of questions and topics that can be used as part of your own Haggadah and seder.

Cost is $18.00

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