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The JCC offers more than 70 weekly classes that are taught by highly-qualified instructors who love to teach, motivate and inspire. From low-impact beginner classes to high-intensity advanced classes, there’s something for every skill level and everyone is welcome regardless of experience, ability, race or religion. 

Fitness classes are included at no additional cost for Fitness and Executive Fitness members. You may also participate in classes by purchasing a Fitness Day Pass. 

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Fitness Class Schedules

August 12th thru August 18th (PDF)

August 19th thru August 25th(PDF)

Fitness Class Descriptions  


Abs + Up: A mix of flexibility training, toning exercises for the upper body and abdominal work; a perfect accompaniment to any workout program

Basic Training: A boot camp style class with more intense training, combining proper form and technique with maximum weights

Body Awareness: Improve your awareness through a series of gentle stretching and strengthening exercises

Body Work: A low impact cardio and strength training using light weights, resistance bands and the ball

Boot Camp: Join in on the fun in this high-energy intervals class! You'll move from station to station while getting a great full-body workout.

Cardio Strength/Weights: Combines a full-body resistance training with continuous high intensity cardio training for complete body conditioning workout

Fitness Fusion: Improve strength, balance, stability and core while toning and sculpting the body with a combination of weights and Pilates

Lite Weights: This class incorporates the use of light weights and resistance equipment to strengthen and stretching the joints as well as muscles

Muscle Jam/Super Muscle Jam: An intense upper and lower body conditioning exercises utilizing dumbbells, the body bar, tubing and the step

Sit and Be Fit: Get in shape while sitting!

Step/Super Step: A step class with challenging choreography within a nonstop strong cardiovascular workout

TRX: TRX is a revolutionary total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, and flexibility. The JCC offers both traditional TRX and an introductory class.

Zumba: Zumba is a high energy, feel-happy mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps, utilizing the principles of aerobic, fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. The JCC offers both traditional Zumba and Aqua Zumba.


Basic Back Care: A healthy back is strong, flexible, and pain-free. Focus on posture, core strength and spinal stability, strengthening and stretching the muscles that support the back

Body Awareness: A series of non-impact exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness; benefits; longer leaner muscles, improves postural problems, increases core strength, stability

Condition for Balance & Strength: A combination of stretching based on yoga, strengthening, based on using lite weights, and balance using a concentration of basic postural principals

Core n More: A hybrid of yoga and Pilates with a strong emphasis on CORE conditioning; aims to lengthen and strengthen core muscles as well as building stamina – through various exercises encompassing the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks and inner thighs

Drums Alive!: Combines traditional aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythm of drums; instead of beating on a drum, however, people play a large exercise ball with a pair of drumsticks

Nia: Fusion fitness blending movement forms from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts increasing cardiovascular conditioning muscle strength and definition

Pilates/Essential Pilates: A class focusing on improving flexibility and strength for the overall body without building bulk

Pilates Plus: A more advanced class utilizing and strengthening your deep abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back, combining the precise movements and traditional fitness elements; Essential Pilates or experience in Pilates is highly recommended

Yang-style Tai Chi: Yang-style Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art known as meditation in motion. Performed in a slow, deliberate manner, it can improve circulation, balance and joint flexibility, reduce stress and increase relaxation.


Active Yoga: Increases strength, flexibility and muscular awareness and helps to develop a sense of concentration and balance

Align The Spine Yoga: Discover your inner alignment by synchronizing correct breath and movement; release muscular tensions acquired through life-long habits

Ashtanga Yoga: A flow of poses in a fixed sequence building and warming up to more advanced poses Center BARRE Fitness: A class taught on the bar that draws techniques from ballet to help quickly and effectively transform your body

Classical Yoga: Enhances your flexibility, strength and overall well-being by taking a holistic approach; the practice includes Asanas’, Pranayamas’ and relaxation, and it involves coordination of breath and gentle body movements. All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga: A very gentle yoga that increases flexibility and strength. A perfect class for the newcomer to the yoga practice

Slow Flow Yoga: Breathing is deep and slow, but poses are strong and the body generates heat and deep sense of calm; this class is perfect for beginners

Vinyasa Yoga: A more aerobic yoga class that is moving with breath

Yoga with weights: Incorporation of weights into the traditional yoga practices

Yoga Connection: Uses proven elements of yoga to strengthen muscles while focusing on core, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and circulation while burning extra calories for weight loss


Intro to Spin™: If you’re new to the Spinning™ program, then this is the class for you. You will learn the correct bike set up, hand positions and safety. Your instructor will take you on ride using the various energy zones.

The original and most popular group cycling class. With no complicated moves to learn, a motivating group environment, top-notch instructors and music that begs your legs to pedal, you’ll find yourself having a blast while you ride your way to a leaner, stronger body


Deep Water Cardio Fit: Your joints and heart will love this fat burning, fun, all-inclusive workout to motivating music. Flotation belts and other equipment are provided.

Hydrotone: Fun deep water class using various Hydrotone equipment that amplifies the natural resistant of water to enhance exercise.

Wet Jam/Plus: A fun athletic approach to water fitness training with specific drills, cardiovascular work, intervals, plyometric and strength training.

Aqua/Cardio Core: Gets your heart rate up and challenges your core in the water.

Aqua H.I.I.T: Is a high intensity interval training class in the water.












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