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The Inline Hockey Center (IHC) at the JCC offers roller hockey classes and leagues for all ages and skill levels. The IHC staff takes great pride in creating a fun and welcoming environment for the whole family. We provide our young players with the best opportunities to reach their full potential and our adult players a safe and fun place to play with their friends.

The IHC facility has two rinks and proudly hosts a variety of programs such as lacrosse, soccer, co-ed floor hockey leagues, and national tournaments for roller hockey and dodgeball. So whether you’re looking to inquire about our hockey leagues, learn how to play, or rent some rink time for a birthday party, the IHC at the JCC has you covered.

Hockey is a sport that requires an enormous amount of skill. Let's face it, skating and stick handling aren't exactly skills you're born with! It takes dedication and time to develop those skills. At the Inline Hockey Center, our classes provide the guidance and challenge to improve your skills. Need equipment? We can help! Please ask us about our loaner equipment. 

Check out our classes and we'll see you at the rink!


10U 13U 16U 

Players sign up individually for our house leagues and can request to play with a friend or two. 

We have division going from 8U on up to 18U. All these divisions play on Sundays, except for 18u which plays on Thursdays. Team are re-shuffled every season with the top priority being team parity. Each Team can range in caliber form beginner to advance. Sometimes better players are asked to play “up” a division higher to insure an even playing field. 

We are always looking for coaches and welcome anyone that would like to try goalie, we can provide goalie equipment. 

What to expect in our Youth House Divisions 

- 10 Game, Guaranteed playoff game 
- League Practices; although some coaches may book team practice. 
- Every player is required to use a set of IHC jerseys 
- 1st and 2nd place awards

Adult house WINTER Leagues

40 & 25 Over  30 & 25 Over  30 & 40 Over25+  30+  40+ 

House divisions at the Inline Hockey Center are divisions where individual players register and then are placed on a team for the season.

Our Adult House Leagues are highly credible. These leagues success stems from the high standards of sportsmanship and safety that we hold accountable the players in this league. They are highly organized with strict subbing rules and league parity is a top priority when it comes to drafting teams. Designed for the players that want to play “25 & Over”, “30 & Over” & “40 and over”.

Once the registration deadline is closed, Volunteer players in the league sit down with management, apply ratings for every player and draft teams. We do our very best to honor player requests but not at the cost of a team being unbalanced. As always, we do our best to keep the league parity as top priority when constructing teams. In order to keep every game competitive we allow inner- league subbing and use the rating system to ensure that it’s done fair. This allows players to miss games without putting their team at an extreme disadvantage and ensures that the opposing team will have a competitive game.

Goalies – We are always looking for goalies to play in our house divisions. If you are a goaltender, there is no charge to you.

What to expect in the Adult House Divisions

- 10 Game regular season, all teams make playoffs!
- 3 periods, 14 minutes each – running clock (stop clock during last 2 minutes with 2 goal difference)
- Complete Team & Player Stats online via POINTSTREAK
- Individual Fee of $195.00. ($155.00 if you’re a JCC member)
- $20 discount for playing on two teams in the Adult House Divisions!
- Players must wear IHC House jerseys with number for only $40 a set!
- Full rosters posted approximately one week to the start of the season.
- Balancing of all teams and individuals to ensure competitive play in the divisions.
-No Refunds are given for forfeits


Copper Thursday Iron Sunday  Iron Tuesday Tin Sunday  Tin Tuesday Tin Thursday Foil Winter League Inline 40 Franchise Adult Open League

Open divisions at The Inline Hockey Center are typically divisions where captains and players build their own team and enter them into divisions. Individual Players can also register, and if enough players are recruited, a team can be formed. We also take small groups, as teams are sometimes looking for players! 


- 10 Game regular season, all teams make playoffs!
- 3 periods, 14 minutes each – running clock (stop clock during last 2 minutes with 2 goal difference)
- Complete Team & Player Stats online via POINTSTREAK.
- Payment: A $100 deposit is mandatory to register a team. $300 must be paid by game 1, $1,000 due by Week 5, and entire balance paid off by week 7. The captain is solely and completely responsible for the entire fee once he/she registers the team.

- No Refunds are given for Forfeits
- Fall, winter and spring: $1,350 per team. Summer: $1,150 

Adult Open Division Descriptions

Foil Division
Designed for players that are NEW to the sport or have very little experience. This division is regulated, and players or teams that prove to be too advance for the league will be removed.

Tin Division
For players that have some experience in a team setting and understand the basics of the game.

Iron Division
Designed for players that have a moderate amount of experience, or a team that is performing consistently well in Tin.

Copper Division
Designed for Competitive players that have played hockey for an extended period of time with significant backgrounds in tournament play. 

Silver/Gold Division
Designed for seasoned players that compete in very competitive divisions in tournaments and leagues. Players in these divisions typically can compete in Tournaments at the highest levels available.

Roster Policy
All players must have a minimum of 4 games played in a 10 game season to be eligible for playoffs. It is the team or captain’s responsibility to make sure his/her players were checked in for the game. We suggest captains check Pointstreak after each game to ensure their roster is correct. Waiting for the day of playoffs to inform us of a potential roster mistake will not ensure that player will be able to play. All roster changes or additions after the first week must be approved by a Hockey Director. Any player that has not signed the roster and waiver of liability is prohibited from stepping on the rink and any player that does so is violating IHC policy.

Open Division Goalie Policy
All open teams are responsible for fielding a goaltender for their games. If your main goaltender is unable to play, it is the team’s responsibility to find a goaltender for the game. If you are unable to find a goaltender, you may email us at [email protected] or contact the main office at 248-432-5584 to ask for help. Regardless of if IHC can find you a goaltender or not, the team will be responsible for fielding a goaltender in all of their games. Full Goalie Equipment is available to use should the need arise


Stats & Schedules

House Leagues - Youth & Adult Adult Open Leagues Full Rink Schedules

Equipment & Rules

Equipment List 

- Inline Skates (no skate brake)*
- H.E.C.C. approved helmet**
- H.E.C.C. approved full face mask*
- Elbow pads*
- Jersey (covering all upper body equipment)*
- Gloves (designed for hockey)*
- Shin guards*
- Pants (covering all lower body equipment)*
- Jock Protection*
- Gurdle and Padded shirt 
- Mouth guard 

*Required for ages 17 & under
**Required for everyone 



Inline Hockey House Rules:

- Must wear required Equipment
- In a 10 game season, players must have their total bill paid by the 4th game.
- Players must have participated in 3 (8 Game Season) or 4 (10 Game Season) regular season games to play in the playoffs
- During regular season games, if at the end of 3 periods the score is tied the teams will proceed to a 3 man shootout.  If still tied the teams will continue to a sudden death shoot out. (Teams must have every skater on the bench shoot before shooting twice)  Playoff games that result in a tie will proceed to a 5 minute sudden death overtime followed by a 3 man shootout if the score remains unchanged.
- No monetary refunds will be granted under any circumstances.  All refunds will be in the form of credits toward a future season.
- Any Player entering an opposing team’s locker room or opening there door to exchange words or cause physical harm will receive a suspension at the Director's discretion
- Using hate speech that has sexual, race or semetic
- ZERO TOLERANCE – No Fighting- automatic league suspension without refund.  A fighting Major suspension can be up to 10 consecutive games in which equates to a full season.  Fighting is the sole discretion of Referee’s & IHC Management
- No Checking- only incidental contact will be allowed
- Any player receiving 3 minor (2 min.) penalties in one game will receive a game ejection.  A game ejection penalty carries no additional game suspension; however, it does accumulate as a – 10-minute misconduct.
- Any player receiving a 5-minute major penalty will receive an automatic game misconduct. The Referee reserves the right to issue a game ejection for an accidental high-stick; all other majors will be automatic game misconducts
- Any player receiving a game misconduct will miss the remainder of that game and the next full game scheduled for his team.
- Any player receiving a third game misconduct during the season will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.  This suspension may be a minimum of 9 games. Any suspension not served in its entirety during a season will carry over into the next season.
- Any player receiving a season or indefinite suspension, the IHC reserves the right, at its discretion, to suspend the player for all leagues that player participates in for that season or longer.
- All teams are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. In the event a spectator becomes disruptive during a game, penalties can and will be assessed against the specific spectator’s team.
- Games will consist of (3) – 14 Minute Run time periods.  
- Each team will be allowed 1- 45-second time-out per game.  No time-outs will be allowed during the last two (2) minutes of a game unless the score is within two (2) goals.  A (2) minute delay of game penalty will be issued if a time-out is called not meeting these criteria.
- No refunds will be issued to players suspended or thrown out of any league.
- All players must sign a waiver prior to play.  No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to play in the adult leagues unless approved by a league director.  Minors must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian on file.
- Mercy Rule: Once an 8 goal differential is reached, the game is over.
- No one is allowed to sit on the bench during a game unless they are a rostered player with a waiver on file. Some exceptions may be made for coaches or team managers, upon approval from the league director. 
- No players will be allowed in the scorekeeper’s box at any time.
- Please be advised that all calls and decisions of the referees and league officials are final. Challenging of the referees and league officials and debating referee and league official calls and decisions will not be tolerated. Referees and league officials may, can, and will assess any penalties and/or suspensions deemed necessary to maintain order in the league. 


Do you have to be a member of the JCC to participate?
No. You are not required to have a JCC membership. Those who do, however, will receive special discounts including free drop in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 20% off your house league fee each season. To inquire about becoming a JCC member please call 248.432.5425 or visit

I’ve never played Roller Hockey, do I need to have experience?
We offer leagues and clinics for all ages and skill levels--no experience is necessary! The only prerequisite is the ability to skate. If you have a child that is just learning how to skate, check out one of our classes. For adults interested in starting out we have the FOIL league or our 25+, 30+, and 40+ draft leagues. Register online!

What days and times are leagues offered?
Each league is designated a primary and secondary game day/time.  You can check out the schedules by clicking one of the buttons below:
House Leagues - Youth & Adult Adult Open Leagues Full Rink Schedules

What is the difference between a House and an Open team?
House leagues consist of individuals that we place on teams. Players participate in an evaluation skate and are then drafted onto teams based on skill level.

An open team is a full team that registers together. A full team must consist of at least four skaters and a goalie with no more than 15 skaters on the roster. The open division for youth leagues is referred to as “Rec”.

What are the rules?
While we do have several house rules, we generally follow the Official Narch Rulebook.

An important thing to note: If disciplinary actions are necessary, suspensions will be handed out at the Rink Director's discretion.
All players are required to have a waiver form on file with the office prior to participating in any of the IHC programs.

What is the required equipment?
Check out the Equipment list for complete information.

Can I rent out the rink?
Of course! Availability permitting, we offer rink rentals for our main and mini rinks as well as our outdoor soccer field (located behind the roller hockey building). Rental prices vary depending on time/day/season. We also offer party rentals! Please contact the rink office for more details by calling 248.432.5493 or emailing [email protected].

Do you have any open skating?
We do host "Sticks and Pucks" every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5 p.m. The cost is $10 per player (complimentary for JCC members). Full hockey equipment is required. We currently do not have a scheduled session for open inline skating.

Adult Drop-in is also played on Friday nights for $10 per skater (goalies are free). Registration is limited to the first 16 skaters. Adult Drop-in will start up again in September.  Please check back for the schedule.

What are the age divisions for youth hockey?
Mite: 8U     Squirt: 10U     Pee Wee: 12U     Bantam: 14U     Junior: 17U

Where can I find my league schedule and stats?
The schedule and stats system we use is Pointstreak. Please click on one of the buttons below for more information:
House Leagues - Youth & Adult Adult Open Leagues 

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